There is a common myth that ‘high school is the best years of your life”. This might be true for some youth but for many it a time to “get through”.

Your friends have decided that you are no longer welcome in your friend group and you feel very alone and have started avoiding school so you don’t have to face anyone.

People keep asking you what you are going to do when you finish high school and you don’t have an answer so you avoid the question or get angry and stomp off.

 You seem to lack motivation to get your work done and don’t see the point in doing it so you don’t which causes your parents and teachers to be on your case and you just wish everyone would just leave you alone.

Your parents want the best for you but they don’t understand what is going on for you. They continually tell you what to do but you don’t feel that they listen to what you have to say.

I can help you sort through your thoughts and emotions in a safe and welcoming environment. You will feel heard and together we will develop some strategies to help you travel through the high school journey. Our work together is confidential and will only involve other adults in your life if you give permission to have them involved.