Core Values


Something I am very committed to is building a safe, caring and trusting environment for my clients. This means you get 100% of my attention when we are in session and I am committed to using the best therapeutic approach to meet your needs. Additionally, whether it involves friends, family or clients, I feel it is incredibly important that others can count on me to be honest and follow through when I say I am going to do something. This is my commitment to you.


I see a strong mind /body connection as the key to wellness. In our work together, you will begin to understand what may have crept into your life to cause a disconnect between your mind and body, and I will help you learn new skills and tools needed to have wellness in your life. Some of the ways I practice this in my own life and work include maintaining strong boundaries, staying active and practicing mindfulness. I look forward to supporting you as you find what works for you.


One guiding principle that I hold onto is my belief that human beings are resilient. By understanding the emotions connected to the adversity we face and processing these emotions in a safe and non-judgmental environment, I believe personal growth is available to everyone. My personal experience with illness and death has helped me understand the strength and power we have inside of us. It is now my honour to witness resilience through my clients and our work together.


I take this work very seriously because I want to be the best I can be for you and for my own personal development. My engagement in ongoing continuing education allows me the opportunity to constantly learn new ways to support you. This means I will use a variety of techniques in our work together to help you achieve the outcome you are looking for.


I believe all individuals are unique in how they walk in the world. In my practice, I get to know and understand each of my client's unique stories and then create the therapeutic plan that works best for them. Everyone has their own story. In our work together, I will endeavor to completely understand you and match my skills to your individual needs.