Anxiety, Depression & Stress

Depression is different for everyone. Perhaps you are struggling with getting out of bed in the morning or everything in your life feels like it is crashing in on you. You can find no joy in your day to day routines and your thoughts are filled with negativity.

Or perhaps you find yourself constantly worrying about the future or feeling guilty about what’s happened in the past? The fear of what is going to happen in the future or the shame of the mistakes you made in your past can keep you hyper vigilant making it very difficult for you to make decisions in the moment in case they are the wrong ones. You become paralyzed and are unable to move forward.

Are you constantly stressed about how you are going to get everything done that needs to be done in a short period of time? Maybe you are wondering how you managed to get so many balls in the air and are now worried about how you are going to keep them there without losing them or losing yourself. You seem to be doing a lot but are not managing to accomplish or finish anything. Somedays it feels like you are just chasing your tail! Stress is a normal part of life and I will help you learn how to manage your stress.

Anxiety, depression and stress do not have to run your life! Through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Relaxation and other therapeutic modalities, I will help you learn the tools you can use to help you deal with your anxiety, depression and stress. A well-equipped toolbox can help you fix the life issues that are keeping you stuck and help you find peace and joy in your life.