Sometimes you just feel stuck.

Whether you’re facing:

  • struggles in your current relationships
  • dealing with the loss of a parent or partner
  • struggling to find your way in life
  • recovering from significant illness
  • facing retirement

sometimes we all hit a point where we don’t know what to do next. If this feels like something you can relate to, I’m here to help.

I provide a safe and caring environment where you can explore your emotions and learn skills that will help you navigate the life transitions you are facing. I specialize in helping people overcome life struggles because I believe these struggles are part of life and do not have to define your life. I have a strong belief that you can make the changes needed to be happier and healthier no matter what obstacles you must overcome. My positive approach to life allows me to help you recognize the choices you have and to help you develop the skills you need to act on these choices.

As a person-centered counsellor, I will provide you with an opportunity to explore your perceptions and beliefs about yourself and your situation and I will use a variety of therapeutic approaches with you to help you achieve your goals. I have a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia and I am a Master Therapeutic Counsellor (MTC) registered with the Association of Co-operative Counselling Therapists (ACCT). I am trained in Adolescent Development, Family Systems and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and I also use Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness in my practice. I have many tools in my toolbox to meet you exactly where you are and to help you move to the place you want to be.

Some extended medical plans cover my services and I am also covered under the Crime Victims Assistance Program (CVAP)